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Co., Ltd.

ثبت سفارش IRANIAN RAHA TEB Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the growing world of Iranian Raha Teb Co.(I.R.T.)

We are one of the leading and reputed Importer and distribution companies, based in Tehran (Iran). In the market, our name is considered as one of the most successful Laboratory and Clinical Equipments distributors.

Iranian Raha Teb co. main activities are providing requirements and services of Laboratory Instrument, Hospital Medical Equipment and Scientific Equipment.

Always Iranian Raha Teb strived its best to offer quality product and prompt - after - sales - service to its reputed clientele and as result of this, Iranian Raha Teb co. has been able to build up good will from its customers.

Today Iranian Raha Teb specialises in import and export, marketing and servicing of equipment required by Blood Banks, Hospitals, Research Centres, Pharmaceutical Industry & Clinical Laboratories. We have a well equipped with qualified and experiences staff to render prompt and efficient after sales service in order to keep the downtime to bare minimum and also to maintain the equipment in good working condition.

Under the kind guidance of honorable Mehrdad Motahari, the CEO of the company, Iranian Raha Teb co. flourished its functioning manifold. With the CEO’s voluminous experience and formidable nexus, We at I.R.T co. are committed to satisfying our customer's needs with quality products and services that conform to mutually agreed upon requirements.

Welcome to I.R.T. Company Website

Our Main Activities Are Supplying

* Chemicals for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic

* Industrial, Laboratory and Research Centers

* Raw Materials for Pharmaceuticals

* Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals

* Scientific Instruments and Equipments

* Industrial, Office and Laboratory Furnitures  and Machineries

* Laboratory Glasswares